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Alanya; Climate, extraordinary beauty and rich cultural heritage, as well as indigenous and foreign tourists, as well as foreign residents, with its tolerant and hospitable character. These multiple features have made Alanya an important place in the national and international dimension.

The Municipality of Alanya contributes to the preservation and promotion of the city's values ​​with various studies. One of these studies covering a wide range is the International Tourism and Art Festival, which was held on the last week of May every year with the decision of parliament 19 / B dated 14.06.2002. The festival is organized internationally with the participation of different topics and sister cities every year to promote the cultural values ​​and heritage of Alanya.

The festivals that have been held up till today are aimed to highlight the forgotten values ​​of our culture. In this context, the titles of the festivals that have been held up to now have been inspired by such topics as the Seljuk period, cosmology, weaving, local dishes, Yörük migrations, banana.

In addition to these, in the black and white photography exhibitions that have become a tradition in the festival area and created with the contributions of Alanyalılar, Alanya is reflected on the daily basis from the past.

Sister city delegations and foreign residents in Alanya actively participated in the festival, along with music and dance shows, as well as exhibitions in different places in the historical places around Kızılkule.

Let me know a bit
Sunset in Alanya gives a piece of good news that the night life begins. Bars, discos are waiting for those who are young in spirit. Unlimited dance, music and fun. Pop-music, Turkish pop-music. Lots of different kinds of drinks. Different kinds of music come from everywhere in town. Even the stars in the sky are dancing. The yellow light which lightens the great city walls of the Medieval Castle takes you to a trip in the time tunnel. The nights in Alanya are far beyond human imagination.

It is like Magic town. Everybody enjoys total freedom whether alone or with a group of friends. We have tours to discos which are out of town totally free of charge. The boats that are covered with colourful lights, people dancing, sounds od cheers under the moonlight...

On the other hand people who come out of the cinema rush to their beds. For the next morning other activities are waiting so they have to get some sleep.

After the sun sets, the discoballs and neon lights come on here! There are numerous clubs, bars, and lively eateries around the harbor area of Alanya. During the summer months, these places are packed full of mostly younger tourists looking to get their groove on, their drink on, their eat on, or just about anything else they can get on that the law allows. And the local guys that work in the bars and clubs are just insane at times, willing to due anything and everything to get people to come into the particular establishment that they work at. It is a great atmosphere if you are looking to do some serious partying, or even just grab a bite to eat and do some people watching, some very comedic people watching!

Take a look at the photos here bottom.. Enjoy Your Holiday.