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Choose the region Around the Alanya you're interested and see what travel and dive deals are available from our partners. You can dive After a short training with professional diving team,. You will see the unique beauty of the deep blue Sea, We provide you  the pleasure. hidden underwater caves, visual beauty that occurs in many years due to the water of the different kinds of fish we are experiencing you unforgettable moments, photos unforgettable Frames. İts all about for Discovering the new places, Different things to taste, Live some special moments, ,To explore different Fishes, See the bottom of the sea.

Dive Training

Learn to dive, make your bottom time safer and more fun, and take the steps for advanced scuba certifications with our advice, tips and training guides. Ready for your next dive trip? Here are the best destinations, liveaboards, dive resorts and vacation deals from around the Alanya. Get your adrenaline pumping on the windward side of these eight Caribbean islands! Think the world’s best diving happens only on tropical reefs? Think again. Looking for a thrill? Check out our top picks from the world’s wildest drift dives.  Get your adrenaline pumping on the windward side of these eight Alanya islands!
With Albatros Team you will experience the difference.

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