Your Guide in Alanya

  • Experience the natural beauty of the Koprulu Canyon National Park
  • See the 2,000-year old Roman Oluklu Bridge
  • Swim and dive in clean, turquoise-blue waters
  • Enjoy natural water slides, Jacuzzis, and other fun water activities
  • Scramble, rappel, and walk over rocks and through water
Experience the wilderness of the Taurus Mountains on a 7-hour sightseeing tour of Sapadere Canyon from Alanya. Walk along wooden paths, weave through tall rocks, see stunning waterfalls cascading through the mountains, and jump in for an ice-cold swim.

Sail along the Alanya coast during a 6-hour boat trip. Pass by the main attractions and stop off to visit and explore nearby caves. You will also have 3 or 4 opportunism to go swimming, and there will be a BBQ lunch served on board the boat.


A perfect place to cool yourself down one day away from the sea. Dimcay (translated as Dim River but often refered to as Dimcay River by foreigners by mistake) is a river flowing until the coast from the Taurus Mountains.
The river has played a big role in Alanya agriculture development in the past, nowadays it is mostly a favorite relax and picnic place with countless restaurants and attractions along the river. Local people love to come to Dimcay on Sundays for fishing, resting and BBQ.
The water of the river is always cool even though the coastal temperature is over 30 degrees celsius. While resting in shadow of rich vegetation, you can enjoy delicious food in the river restaurants unique in style and cuisine. They offer traditional turkish style sitting pergolas often situated directly on the water so you can chill yourself easily. Some of the places have a separated pool, some a waterslide, waterfalls and always good food. It is possible to swimm in the water or jump from a jumping board for the brave onces, sunbathe on the bank, enjoy waterslide or playgrounds for children.

This five-storey octagonal defence tower, measuring nearly 30m in diameter, more than 30m in height and with a central cistern within for water storage, looms over the harbour at the lower end of İskele Caddesi. Constructed in 1226 by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I (who also built Alanya Castle), it was the first structure erected after the Armenian-controlled town surrendered to the sultan.

Presiding with stately grace over the clutter of bars and souvenir shops below is Alanya's awesome Seljuk-era castle with views across the city and out to the Pamphylian plain and Cilician mountains.

Right at the top of the castle area is the İç Kale (inner fortress). Within are plentiful (though poorly preserved) ruins including a half-dozen cisterns and the shell of an 11th-century Byzantine church.

The road to the fortress winds uphill for 3.5km. Catch a bus from Hürriyet Meydanı (₺1.25, hourly from 9am to 7pm) or opposite the tourist office (15 minutes past the hour and, in summer, also 15 minutes before the hour). Taxis are around ₺15.

Sandy and quite secluded in low season, and with fine views of the fortress, Cleopatra's Beach is the city's best. Alanya's main beaches are also decent, although east of the centre they're fronted by a busy main road.

A wooden walkway runs south along the old harbour walls from the Red Tower to the Tersane, the only Seljuk-built shipyard remaining in Turkey. With the waves sloshing through its restored stone arches, it's highly atmospheric. From here the walkway continues further along the shoreline to a small guard house , which would have served as a coastal watchtower during the Seljuk era.

3 beautiful attractions near Alanya during one day. A trip to ancient city of  and Side. Explore Turkish Colosseum – Aspendos theatre and  a scenic Kursunlu waterfall. A trip recommended for enthusiasts of history and nature


The Damlatash Cave was found in 1948 while building works in the port. Amazing 15 000 year stalactites and stalagmites of all possible shapes were inside. From those times the cave was under protection and numerous studies began. Together with its natural beauty Damlatash Cave is also known for its great atmosphere that makes people who have sick of asthma better. If you have such an illness you should definitely visit Damlatash Cave when you are in Alanya.

The Dim Cave is a natural formation that offers amazing scenery of stalagmite and stalactite for the visitors. There is a small salt lake in the middle.

This place was well-known among local hunters as a shelter. It was introduced to the visitors in 1998 and it is the second biggest cave known to the visitors.

Kizlar Magarasi and Phosphoric Caves are marine antique caves that have rich history. According to the legend pirates hided abducted women in Kizlar Magarasi cave. Phosphoric Cave got its name because of unusual lightning effect.