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We are Albtaros Group and we are here to Help you as our guest.  At Albatros we always promote a friendly environment that is conducive to our customers connecting in a positive manner. If you are a new Customer for to Albatros Group and just finding your way in the lifestyle house we take it upon ourselves to make you feel as comfortable and welcome with no pressure. We also understand that your enjoyment of all the facilities is paramount as we strive to make your experience pleasurable

ALABTAROS is a company that is based on working with people and for people. For people like you who are looking for reliable partners and long-term solutions. A vertical consultant will assist your transaction with a correct and complete understanding of the office market. We are a dynamic organization, founded on a visionary thinking and with a proactive behavior.

when we decided to lay the foundations for a real estate company which primarily promotes the idea of morality and respect in business. ALBATROS, the fabulist, has dedicated his entire life to promoting an invaluable set of values, in an original way. We subscribe to this Code and, inspired by ALBATROS’ moral lessons, we proved that where there is dedication and seriousness, words become deeds, clients turn into partners, and the business relationship becomes a trustful interpersonal connection. The spirit of ALBATROS team is based on integrity, open communication, self-esteem, respect for business partners.

We help ALBATROS clients to make the best decisions for their business or lives through innovation and efficiency and to make this activity profitable and enjoyable for everyone involved in ALBATROS business.

ALBATROS acquires core, core-plus and value added properties in the growth sub-markets of most significant cities. Our track record shows a solid history of strong risk-adjusted returns from a number of investment strategies that focus on asset quality, sub-market dynamics, buying opportunities, management opportunities, strategic property improvements and intelligent capital structures

ALBATROS Commercial Realty and Development provides professional real estate services to a diverse range of clients. From build to suit and construction management to tenant representation, our services are customized to the unique and individual needs of each specific client..

Asset Quality: Quality product in strong sub-markets can outperform competitors in strong and soft markets.

Sub-Market Dynamics: Stable and improving sub-markets offer better prospects for increasing rental rates and asset values.

Buying Opportunities: ALBATROS has a long history of acquiring assets with unrealized potential, prior to strong market moves and from motivated sellers.

Management Opportunities: ALBATROS Commitment to Quality philosophy offers one of many tools that ALBATROS uses to outperform close competitors with existing high quality management. ALBATROS can improve operations at well-run properties and at under managed properties.

Strategic Property Improvements: Minor repositioning to complete rehabilitations and expansions can unlock hidden value at properties.

Intelligent Capital Structures: Advantageous and selective use of debt, tax-advantaged and equity structures can increase equity values in simple and complex situations.

Since 2010, ALBATROS has been a name widely known and respected for outstanding success in developing, acquiring, and managing real estate investments. Based in ANTALYA, ALANYA, the Company's portfolio includes a variety of income producing properties aggregating .

Through its affiliated companies, the firm provides a full spectrum of services related to the development and acquisition of real estate including projects in the planning stages, projects under construction, and existing operating properties. The Company is also involved with the organization and administration of real estate joint ventures and partnerships, and provides management services to maximize the operating cash flow of its properties.

  ALBATROS Realty Company's commercial real estate services and brokerage activities. ALBATROS Commercial services are designed to meet the varied needs of today's corporate client.
Including but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sales
  • Home Decoration
  • Home Improvement
  • White Goods
  • Custom Furniture Production
  • Special Design Kitchen
  • Garden Furniture
  • Farm Trade
  • Pool Start Service
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Property maintenance (internal & external)
  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Support & Advice
  • Complaint & Problem Resolution
  • Key Management
  • Content Insurance & Dask